MRCP Part 1

I sat MRCP Part 1 in September 2020 and passed it with a scaled score of 732/1000 which put me in the top 10% worldwide. It was certainly a challenging exam, but with a good revision plan and study strategy you can pass with confidence. I share my experiences and my entire study strategy here. I hope you'll find it useful!

My video above covers everything in about the exam and my preparation, but I've gone into a little more detail in the articles below.

If you had any specific questions, please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter on Instagram!

Disclaimer: All information provided is of my own personal experience and research. I do not work for MRCPUK or represent them or any other professional body. For complete information, please refer to the MRCPUK website.

What is MRCP Part 1? Is it right for me?

My Preparation and Planning

My Study Method and Resources Used

ONLINE MRCP Part 1: Everything you need to know

My MRCP Part 1 Experience Vlog

Opening my MRCP Part 1 Results - Video

My Top MRCP Part 1 Mnemonics - Video